Alabama Barge Explosions Injure Many

Two fuel barges carrying natural gas exploded in Mobile, Alabama. The explosions resulted in the evacuation of a nearby docked cruise ship and critical burns on at least three individuals. The barges, owned by a Houston company, were in Mobile for cleaning and had been carrying natural gasoline.

Accidents on the water, such a boating collisions or other accidents, can cause serious a long-term injuries. Our firm represents clients in Louisiana that have sustained a serious personal injury or lost a loved one because of a boating collision or some other kind of boating accident.

By law, boat owners and boat operators have to exercise extreme care to ensure that passengers riding the boat, swimmers, and anyone else in the waters surrounding the boat, or anyone in other boats or on nearby piers do not get injured or killed due to a boating accident.

At Broussard, David & Moroux, our personal injury attorneys are extremely knowledgeable about and experienced in representing clients in maritime personal injury cases. We have the ability and the resources to correctly investigate your maritime case, file and pursue a personal injury claim against the negligent party, and maximize your recovery for your injuries or loss.

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