Baton Rouge Benzene Spill Worse than Projected

ExxonMobil estimates that it accidentally released 28,700 pounds of naphtha at its Baton Rouge site June 14. Naptha contains the hazardous chemical benzene, a carcinogen recognized by the EPA. When ExxonMobil first reported the release to the state Department of Environmental Quality last week, it only reported a 10-pound spill.

Benzene is a hazardous, colorless liquid chemical that is quickly absorbed by the air. Benzene is an ingredient in gasoline, crude oil and cigarette smoke. Short-term inhalation can cause dizziness, headaches, nausea, convulsions and unconsciousness. Long-term inhalation or ingestion can lead to blood disorders and certain cancers.

A toxic tort is a harm caused by exposure to a dangerous chemical substance. Toxic torts often arise when corporations intentionally or negligently release dangerous chemicals into the environment. In order to prevail in a toxic tort case, a plaintiff must prove harmful exposure to the chemical, an injury and a causal link to the defendant.

If you or a loved one believes you suffered an injury after exposure to a dangerous chemical, you should speak with an experienced attorney to understand your legal rights. Toxic tort cases typically require a high degree of both legal and scientific expertise in order to establish a claim for recovery. For questions, contact Broussard, David & Moroux at 888-337-2323(toll-free) or 337-337-2323 (local).

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