Louisiana Distracted Drivers Aided by Lawmakers

Distracted driving remains a serious problem across America. Nonetheless, the Louisiana Legislature killed two bills targeting distracted driving in the state and approved a controversial bill permitting TV screens in the dashboard.

Pending Governor Jindal’s approval, the controversial “Dashboard TV” bill will become Louisiana law. Under Louisiana’s current law, television screens in vehicles must be behind the driver’s seat. The law will change to permit a split screen television screen in the passenger’s side of the dashboard, provided that the screen is not visible to the driver. Louisiana will join 38 other states with similar laws permitting the use of TV screens in the front seats of vehicles. The defeated legislation purported to prohibit the use of cell phones in vehicles and to ban the use of bright lights on interstates.

In Louisiana, motorists have a duty to operate, control, and use their automobiles in a reasonable manner. Motorists also have a duty to maintain a proper lookout for hazards that might pose an unreasonable risk of harm. A driver who causes an accident while distracted by an electronic device breaches his standard duty of care required by law. In litigation, such a breach factors into the allocation of fault under Louisiana’s pure comparative fault regime.

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