Injured Offshore Worker Awarded $3M in Settlement

Offshore worker employed by flare boom installer suffered injuries after the flare boom he was working on collapsed sending him falling 110 feet from a jack-up rig into the Gulf of Mexico. Discovery revealed that jack-up rig welder ignored installation instructions of the flare boom company and improperly welded the base plate of flare boom. Also, the rig crane operator violated rig policy by allowing worker to walk on the flare boom without being tied off.

As a result of his fall into the Gulf of Mexico, Plaintiff suffered severe depression, head injury, PTSD, fractured ribs, broken left ankle with surgery, and instrumented two-level lumbar fusion surgery. He was disabled from offshore employment. Case brought in Iberia Parish and resolved for a combined $3,000,000.00.

Broussard, David & Moroux represented the injured worker and secured compensation for his severe injuries.

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