Judge Awards Over $144,000 to Injured Off-Shore Worker

On October 18, 2022, a crane mechanic was awarded over $144,000 in a Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act claim after his employer denied responsibility for over two years.

On September 16, 2019, D.L. fell while descending the stairs of a heliport to the platform at Ship Shoal 178, in the Gulf of Mexico. It is estimated that the crane mechanic fell about five to six steps, landing on his back. Due to this incident, D.L. suffered injuries to his neck, back, right shoulder, and both hips.

After the accident, D.L.’s employer placed him in a modified position until he was let go six months later.  The employer then denied D.L. was entitled to benefits based on its own doctor’s findings that all his symptoms were unrelated.  However, D.L.’s treating physicians related his symptoms and their recommended treatment to the on-the-job injury.

At trial, the administrative judge ruled in favor of D.L. on all issues, including his right to the recommended treatment(including shoulder surgery) and his entitlement to benefits owed which was over $144,000.00.  The judge even ruled that his placement in the modified position was determined to be “sheltered employment” and that he was entitled to workers compensation for the period he worked.

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