Lack of Crane on Barge Allegedly Results in Injury

A project supervisor is suing multiple companies for injuries allegedly sustained on a barge-loading job.

Dale E. Loveall Jr., individually and on behalf of his minor child, Sadie Loveall, and Robin Loveall, filed suit January 28 in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana against multiple defendants.  Nordic Underwater Services Inc., AMI Consulting Engineers P.A. Inc., ADM Grain River System Inc., and Archer-Daniels-Midland Co. are alleged to have negligently caused Loveall Jr.’s injuries.

The complaint states that the Loveall Jr. was hired by the defendants on or about February 18, 2015 to fix the pilings of the ADM Dock in Destrahan on the Mississippi River.  It is further asserted that Loveall Jr. was appointed project supervisor and was part of the crew of the American 12, a vessel owned by ADM or ADMC and provided by Nordic and/or AMI.  One of the tasks was required for the project was the transport of items from the American 12 to a barge.  According to the suit, the barge did not have a crane which required the crew, including the plaintiff, to lift all equipment, including several thousand pounds of cement bags, out of the American 12, above their heads, and onto the barge.

On or about February 28, 2015, Loveall Jr. claims that he injured his back as a result of the aforementioned lifting.  In particular, the injury was diagnosed as a herniated disc and had to have a microdiscectomy.  The complaint alleges that the injury was a direct result of the defendants’ negligence in failing to provide and maintain a proper work environment, recklessly placing plaintiff and other crew members in an unreasonably dangerous situation, intentionally disregarding safety protocols, and failing to provide proper equipment.

As a result of these injuries, Loveall Jr. has allegedly suffered loss of the ability to work, loss of wages, physical, mental, and emotional pain, and medical expenses.  The suit is seeking all entitled damages, as well as interest and attorney fees.

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