Lafayette Parish Second in Binge Drinking

Lafayette recently ranked second in binge drinking in the state. The Lafayette binge drinking rate (binge drinking is defined as five drinks for a man and four drinks for a woman in a single sitting) was 21%. St. James Parish ranked first with a close rate of 25%.

Festivals, football, drive-thru daiquiri shops, a large college student population, a large concentration of offshore workers, and a strong European cultural influence are given as possible reasons for Acadiana’s high binge drinking rate.

Among physical consequences of binge drinking, other consequences such as DWI or an alcohol related motor vehicle accident can occur due to excessive alcohol consumption.

An accident caused by a drunk driver can have catastrophic results. Louisiana has special laws designed to compensate victims and punish intoxicated motorists (including drivers impaired by alcohol and/or drugs). These extra, or punitive, damages are awarded in excess of damages for medical expenses, lost earnings, and pain and suffering.

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