Louisiana School Bus Accidents Injure Many Children

Ten children riding in a school bus suffered minor injuries when an SUV collided with the vehicle. The SUV driver, who was cited for improper starting, was attempting to cross South Broad Street in New Orleans when it struck the school bus, which was transporting the children home from Lafayette Academy. The school bus driver suffered a neck injury and was transported to the hospital in moderate condition.

Only a day later, a motorist speeding on a one-way street in New Orleans struck a school bus carrying eight high school students. The drivers and the students were transported to the hospital after complaining of non-threatening neck and back injuries. The motorist was cited for traveling on a one-way street and reckless operation.

Over 42,000 people suffered injuries as a result of motor vehicle accidents in Louisiana this year alone. Although bus crashes are not very common, they often lead to devastating injuries and even death. An inattentive or distracted driver can easily strike a school bus filled with children and deliver injuries that can be catastrophic to victims and their families.

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