Maritime Worker Injured on Job, Sues for Negligence


A Jefferson Davis Parish man filed a lawsuit against his employer and an equipment manufacturer for injuries sustained during a workplace incident.

Wendell Simar was working on a rig and was required to use a swing rope and cable in order to board a vessel adjacent to the rig.  The facts of the suit allege that when Simar attempted to use the apparatus, the cable broke, causing the claimant to fall.  Simar struck the side of the vessel before careening into the water below.  The lawsuit states that Simar severely injured his back in the process.

Maritech Resources, Tetra Technologies Inc., and Supreme Offshore Services Inc., were named as defendants in the suit.  The suit alleges that the cable in question was in disrepair and thus posed a risk of injury.  Simar’s argument is that the defendants breached their duty of reasonable care by failing to adequately inspect equipment and provide a safe work environment.

Similar to other cases of this nature, Simar will have to prove that the defendants did not exercise reasonable care by either improper maintenance or lack of maintenance.  For their part, defendants would be required to show that their maintenance was sufficient and the incident was unavoidable despite their best efforts.  Alternatively, they could attempt to prove that the fault lies solely with one of the other defendants or even the claimant himself, potentially due to improper usage.

Simar seeks damages  for alleged pain, suffering and anguish, loss of wages and enjoyment of life, disability, and medical expenses.

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