National School Bus Safety Week

The third week of October is National School Bus Safety Week. Every year, communities across the country gather to bring light to school bus safety. The National School Bus Safety Week reminds students, parents, teachers, and the community to keep school bus safety at the forefront of our priorities. While the initiative started as a letter-writing campaign to President Nixon in 1969, it has evolved into an impactful national movement for school bus safety.

Broussard, David & Moroux desires to bring that same impact into our local Louisiana communities because every student deserves the right to safe transportation. The KLFY News 10 Safety Tips, which reminds the community of measures we can all take for school bus safety and general road awareness, is sponsored by Broussard, David & Moroux.

In light of the 2023 National School Bus Safety Week, it is especially important to remember these safety tips while driving around school buses:

1. Obey Stop Signs and Flashing Lights: When a school bus is stopped with its red lights flashing and a stop sign extended, you must come to a complete stop. Do not pass the bus until the lights stop flashing, and the stop sign is retracted. Failing to do so is not only illegal but also endangers the lives of children.

2. Maintain a Safe Following Distance: Keep a safe following distance behind a school bus. School buses make frequent stops, and children may dart out into the road unexpectedly. Maintaining a safe distance allows you more time to react if a child runs into the road.

3. Be Cautious Around Bus Stops: Exercise extra caution when driving near bus stops, even if a school bus is not present. Children waiting for the bus can be unpredictable. Slow down and watch for kids who may attempt to cross the road or dart out from behind obstacles.

4. Stay Alert in School Zones: Pay close attention when driving through school zones, especially during the morning and afternoon when buses are picking up or dropping off children. Be mindful of reduced speed limits and crosswalks, and always watch for pedestrians.

5. Watch for School Bus Loading and Unloading: When a school bus is loading or unloading children, be patient and prepared to stop. Children may need to cross the road to board or disembark from the bus. Wait until the bus moves and all children have safely crossed the road before continuing on your way.

Remember, the safety of children should always be a top priority when driving near school buses. Join Broussard, David & Moroux in supporting the 2023 National School Bus Safety Week by following these safety tips for safer roads in Acadiana.

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