Reports show Lafayette “red-light cameras” have reduced accidents

A recently released report indicates that Lafayette’s “red-light camera” programs have reduced crashes across the city. The report monitored intersections for three years before the cameras were installed and then for three years after the installation of the cameras. By the end of the study, they found that the presence of traffic cameras reduced the number of crashes by 64 percent in the last three years.

Lafayette’s “red-light camera” programs have been controversial since their inception. Many critics have argued that traffic cameras would increase the number of rear-end collisions because drivers would be more likely to slam on their brakes in order to avoid a ticket and fine. However, according to the report, rear-end crashes were also reduced by approximately 80 percent. Overall, this study suggests that “red-light cameras” encourage Lafayette drivers to exercise greater caution at intersections.

In addition to accident prevention, traffic cameras are also helpful in personal injury litigation. Traffic cameras often photograph the offending driver who ran the red light, causing the intersection accident. The driver will also receive a citation. The photograph and ticket can later help an accident victim prove his or her case in subsequent litigation.

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