Train Derailment Injuries Many- Investigation Underway

The National Transportation Safety Board is currently investigating a recent derailment outside New York City. Of particular interest to the Board is if the rail was broken before or during the accident causing injuries to many.

Seventy-two people were hospitalized when the train left the rail and hit another train. The damage is extensive and will delay travel and commuting for the foreseeable future while debris is cleared and an investigation takes place.

Under federal and state law, a train is a common carrier. Common carriers are subject to various laws that regulate the safe transport of people and property. As a common carrier, a train operator must exercise a higher degree of care in transporting passengers, property or goods. If he fails to do so, the train company may be held legally responsible for any injury or damage caused by his negligence.

Broussard, David & Moroux represents people who are injured in train accidents. If you or a loved one were injured as a passenger in a train accident or as a driver in a train/ vehicle collision, you should seek legal advice to learn about your legal rights.

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