$5.1 Million Verdict Awarded to Cow Island Residents

A Vermillion Parish jury awarded $5.1 million to Cow Island residents to help pay for the cleanup of soil and groundwater heavily contaminated with arsenic. The case arose after a Cow Island resident was diagnosed with cancer, making him the second in his rectory to be diagnosed with the deadly disease. A quick test of the water wells in the area found a level of arsenic that grossly exceeded the maximum levels allowed in drinking water. Richard Broussard, an attorney from Broussard, David & Moroux and one of the lead attorneys in this case, stated that the contamination was a result of cattle dipping vats being poured on the ground for decades.

Companies have a duty to act prudently when handling products that contain hazardous substances which, if exposed to human contact, can lead to serious injuries or even death. Toxic chemicals such as arsenic may not have immediate effects upon first contact and dangerous side-effects may only appear years down the line. Companies who cause people to be exposed to these hazardous substances are not only liable for the injuries suffered as a result of the exposure, but they are also liable for cleaning up the toxic mess so that no one else may suffer due to their negligence.

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