Gulf Platform Explosion Kills Three: $180 Million Sought

An explosion at an offshore oil platform on the Gulf of Mexico in November 2012 killed three workers and severely injured two others. A consultant who carefully reviewed the deadly accident concluded that the explosion was the fault of unsafe welding practices by a subcontractor of Grand Isle Shipyards, Inc. The report alleges that the subcontractor, DNR Offshore and Crewing Services, and Grand Isle Shipyards did not properly carry out welding processes and failed to stop work when unexpected conditions arose. The two injured workers and their spouses filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court in New Orleans, seeking $80 million in compensatory damages in addition to $100 million in punitive damages.

Workplace accidents commonly occur in places such as offshore oil rigs and chemical plants due to the heavy machinery involved and the presence of flammable chemicals. Employers must take every possible precaution to ensure a safe working environment for their employees to avoid tragedy. Workplace fires and explosions can lead to death or catastrophic injuries, such as limb-loss or severe burns.

Employers may be liable for workplace injuries that occur as a direct result of negligence by their subcontractors. Employers may attempt to shift blame when this is the case, and only an experienced personal injury attorney can accurately assess the situation and fight to hold them responsible.

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