Class Action Suit Approved for State Workers Exposed to Contaminants

A judge approved of class-action status for former and state workers who allege that they were exposed to contaminants when they worked at the Baton Rouge building that housed the Louisiana Department of Revenue. Almost 300 current and former state employees have completed forms alleging that the building contained contaminants that lead to health problems, including respiratory issues and asthma and allergy-like symptoms. District Judge Janice Clark stated that class-action certification in this matter is “well-founded.”

Participating in a class action lawsuit, as opposed to pursuing a claim individually, can be beneficial due to increased efficiency in the judicial process and reduced litigation costs. However, those thinking about participating in a class action lawsuit need to be aware of potential drawbacks. For example, damages awarded in a class action lawsuit must be divided between all of the class members, which commonly amount to a lower award for each individual member compared to the award one would receive if he pursued a lawsuit on his own. If you are eligible to join a class action lawsuit, you should first contact a skilled attorney who can accurately assess the facts of your situation and determine whether it would be in your best interest to join the class or pursue the claim yourself.

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