Truckers Hauling Hazardous Materials Ignore State Traffic Law

A state law was enacted fourteen years ago that designated Bluebonnet Drive in Baton Rouge as a roadway free of hazardous materials to provide the public a safe route in the event of an emergency. This law has not stopped truckers transporting hazardous materials such as gasoline from using this route as a short-cut on their daily drives. Cameras caught trucks hauling these materials multiple days in a row and citizens who live nearby the area have begun expressing their concerns. “It’s kind of scary to know that they do make their travels down this road,” stated a concerned citizen who regularly rides her bicycle down the roadway. State police have taken notice and stated that they continue to monitor the roadway to prevent truckers from breaking the law.

Not only do the drivers of hazardous materials have a responsibility to obey state laws for public safety concerns, but their employers have a responsibility in overseeing their employees to ensure that they are complying with applicable laws. If a person is injured as a result of an employee’s reckless of negligent conduct, the employer may be held liable for damages that result from that conduct, which is a concept known as “strict liability.” If you or a loved one has suffered injury as a result of an employee’s reckless of negligent actions, you should consult an experienced personal injury attorney who can properly assess your situation, take your claims to court, and fight for the just compensation that you deserve.

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