Dog Bite Insurance Payments on the Rise

The dollar amounts paid for dog bite claims by insurance companies has increased drastically recently, while the number of claims has remained relatively the same.

Information released recently revealed that in 2012, $489.7 million was paid by insurance companies for dog bite claims. On average, insurance companies paid $29,752 per dog bite claim, a 55% increase over the past decade. These figures account for more than one-third of all money paid in homeowners claims.

While this increase is positive for those injured by dog bites, it could present problems for homeowners if a dog bit occurs at their home. insurers could raise premiums or exclude dog bite injuries from homeowners’ coverage after a bite.

Animal owners and caretakers have a legal responsibility to control and restrain their pets if an animal has previously bitten a person, attacked a person, or if the animal is predisposed to violent behavior. Many state laws hold animal owners and caretakers strictly liable for injuries caused by their animal if the animal had a prior propensity to dangerous or violent behavior. Strict liability means that the owner or caretaker is held legally responsible for the damage caused by his animal, regardless of his fault.

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