Breaux Bridge Salt Plant Employee Killed in Electrocution Accident

An employee was tragically killed on Saturday evening at a salt processing plant in Breaux Bridge. The man was electrocuted as he checked on an instrument used to determine salt levels and died at the scene. The victim was a plant superintendent and was employed by the company for over twenty years.

Work-related accidents can be preventable as long as strict safety regulations are in place to protect employees from serious harm and death. Employers must take necessary steps to ensure that their employees are properly trained, equipment is safe to use, and work conditions are hazard-free. Serious injuries and death could result if an employer is too lax regarding these safety protocols in their workplace. If an employer is negligent or knowingly failed to take necessary precautionary measures and you or a loved one was injured or killed in a workplace accident, the employer may be liable for the resulting damages.

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