Failure to Yield Leaves One Dead

Failure to obey a stop sign and suspected driving under the influence has lead to the death of a Ventress man last Friday.

Louisiana State Police has not completed its investigation, but according to initial findings, 27-year-old Nicholas Porche was driving westbound on Section Road in a white Sierra while Michael Holmes, 53-years-old of Ventress, was driving south on Beuche Road in a red F-150 around 5:30 on Friday, November 20.  The crash took place at the intersection of both roads near Erwinville.

According to officials, Porche ran the stop sign at the intersection of Beuche and Section, causing the accident.  Holmes was pronounced dead at the scene by the West Baton Rouge Coroner’s Office.  Porche was wearing his seat belt at the time and received minor injuries, but refused aid.

Porche fled the scene after the accident. He was found in a cane field half a mile away, after a four hour search involving the West Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office, the Baton Rouge Police Department’s K-9 unit, and a helicopter.  Porche was charged with a 4th offense DWI, vehicular homicide, felony hit and run, operating a vehicle without a required interlock device, and failure to yield at a stop sign.  Louisiana State Police have stated that they will obtain a toxicology sample from both Porche and Holmes, but they do not believe that Holmes was impaired.

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