In St. Martin Parish Numerous Students were taken to the Hospital after Swimming in Over-Chlorinated Pool

Students swimming at an on-campus pool at a St. Martin Parish school were transported to the hospital after a large surge of chlorine was released in the water and air surrounding the pool. The school’s swim coach noticed poor circulation of chlorine in the water’s pool and turned on a system that was intended to fix the problem. Instead, a large burst of chlorine consumed the area, causing an evacuation of the area and sending many of the swimmers to the hospital. Roughly 25 students, aged 12 to 15, were swimming in the pool at the time and many complained of throat irritation and breathing problems.

Owners of swimming pools are required to maintain a safe environment in order to prevent injuries or deaths from occurring, especially when children are the predominant users of the swimming area. Besides over-chlorination, a swimming pool can present numerous safety hazards, including drowning, slip and falls, or back/neck injuries associated with playing around or near the pool area. If a swimming pool owner does not maintain a safe environment for the area surrounding the swimming pool, he may be liable for injuries that occur as a result of the negligent safety conditions. If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of a swimming pool accident, it is important to immediately contact a personal injury to protect your legal rights.

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