Multi-Vehicle Accident in Duson Left Ten Passengers Injured

A multi-vehicle crash in Duson sent ten hospital patients back to the hospital when the van they were occupying was rear-ended by another vehicle, causing the van to collide with a truck stopped in front of it. The ten passengers were treated at a nearby hospital for minor injuries and the motorist that caused the multi-vehicle accident was cited for careless operation.

Motor vehicle collisions can be simply unavoidable occurrences that result in catastrophic injuries that overwhelm victims and their families. Rear-end collisions can be especially devastating when they involve a stopped car rammed by a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed. This type of collision could result in the stopped car colliding with another stopped vehicle or the stopped car being pushed into oncoming traffic by the force of the collision. If you are involved in a read-end collision or any other kind of auto accident, you may be entitled to recover for medical bills, lost work wages, and pain/suffering, among other compensable damages.

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