Shreveport man dies in motorcycle collision

A Shreveport man struck a horse on his motorcycle when the horse suddenly sprinted in front of the man’s motorcycle on a highway. Both the man and the horse died in the accident. Authorities continue to search for the identity of the horse’s owner.

Animals can cause several different types of car accidents. First, a car may swerve to avoid hitting an animal, causing the driver to lose control and crash into another vehicle. On busy highways and rural roads, single-car accidents are also becoming more prevalent. A single-car accident typically takes place when a driver collides with a stray farm animal or wild animal.

An accident involving a stray animal can cause devastating injuries and serious damage. In particular, a collision with a large, idle farm animal, such as a cow or horse, can cause life-changing injuries and even death. However, complicated causation questions create obstacles for the injured to recover just compensation for injuries.

In an accident involving an animal and a vehicle, an absent third party may be legally responsible for the accident. Farmers or other caretakers have a legal duty to ensure their animals are secure and do not escape. Even if a vehicle swerves to avoid hitting the animal and hits another vehicle, the animal’s guardian may still be at fault for the accident.

With all these open-ended issues of causation present, insurance companies may become uncooperative after an accident involving an animal. In this scenario, an accident victim may be forced to resort to legal recourse to receive adequate compensation for his or her injuries. After an accident involving an animal, an experienced personal injury lawyer can investigate the cause of the accident and help an injured victim hold all negligent actors legally responsible.

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