Texas Private Plane Crashes Into SUV During Landing

A private plane collided into an SUV driving on an airport’s service road in Roanoke, Texas during the pilot’s first solo landing. Both the plane’s pilot and the vehicle’s driver and passenger suffered no life-threatening injuries.

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the cause of the accident. This accident is the fourth accident of its kind near the Roanoke airport in the last three months. Two of the prior three accidents tragically resulted in fatalities.

Travelling in a private plane tends to be far more dangerous than commercial flying. All too often, pilot inexperience causes private plane accidents. Commercial pilots undergo advanced training and receive the preparation needed to operate planes in extreme weather and in emergency situations. In contrast, private pilots undergo less training and often lack the experience to handle unexpected changes in weather, equipment failure or emergencies.

Private plane accidents almost always result in tragedy. After an accident, an experienced airplane accident lawyer can analyze the circumstances surrounding the crash to determine the cause of the accident and can help your family hold all negligent actors responsible for your loss. Victims of private plane accidents and their loved ones often have several legal claims based on theories of negligence, wrongful death and products liability law.

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