Silos and Grain Bins Continue to Endanger Farm Workers

Silos and grain bins continue to pose serious dangers to farm workers across the United States, according to a recent New York Times report. The report found that despite a sharp decline in farm-related accidents across America, the number of deadly silo and grain bin accidents remained consistent.

In the last five years, 80 farm workers have been crushed or asphyxiated in silos or grain bins. The report found that many of these work-related accidents were completely preventable. Among these accidents, the most serious accidents involved child and teen workers.

Experts suggest that this steady death rate can be attributed to relaxed workplace safety regulations. Federal regulators do not monitor the working conditions of large commercial farms. In addition, many farms, especially small family farms, cannot afford to train and protect workers from these known dangers.

Workplace accidents are commonly caused by unsafe work conditions, faulty equipment and poor maintenance. If your employer knowingly placed you in danger or failed to take reasonable safety precautions, your employer may be legally responsible for your injuries.

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