Texas Thanksgiving Interstate Pileup Kills Two and Injures Many

At least 140 vehicles collided on Interstate 10 in southeast Texas in thick fog Thanksgiving morning, killing two people and injuring more than 80. The two people who died were tragically crushed by an 18-wheeler in their SUV. Due to the dense fog, officers at the scene were initially unable to determine the magnitude of the massive accident.

In a multi-vehicle pileup, it may be difficult for an insurance company to ascertain fault and determine liability. Even in extreme weather conditions, drivers still have a duty to drive responsibly and exercise caution on the road. In large vehicle pileups, state laws and precedent often set the tone for assigning fault after the accident. An experienced personal injury attorney can assess the accident and give you an estimate of each party’s fault in the accident.

With these liability issues, your insurance company may become uncooperative or blame you for the accident. After a massive pileup accident, victims often struggle with their insurance companies and are unable to pay costly medical bills and accident-related expenses. A car accident lawyer can help guide you through the claims process and ensure you are fully compensated for your medical, financial and emotional injuries.

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