Speeding Motorist Faces Charges in Fatal Ascension Parish Crash

State police consider excessive speed to be a factor in a fatal vehicular collision on La. 42 after a Port Vincent man over-corrected and struck his truck into a vehicle heading in the opposite direction. The victim was properly restrained in her vehicle but ultimately succumbed to her injuries on the way to the hospital. The speeding motorist was not restrained in his truck and is currently being treated for moderate injuries at a local hospital. Upon his release from the hospital, he will be booked in Ascension Parish Prison and charged with negligent homicide, careless operation, and not wearing a seat belt.

Speeding has become a bad traffic habit that can be seen on just about every major road in Louisiana. Speed limits exist for a reason, however, since it is easier for motorists driving at excessive speeds to collide with other vehicles on the road. For example, a speeding motorist has a greater chance of causing a rear-end collision than a motorist driving the speed limit. Also, as seen in the story above, a speeding motorist has greater difficulty making turns and, if necessary, correcting those turns to avoid accidents.

Motor vehicle collisions occur for a variety of other reasons besides speeding. For example, vehicular crashes can occur because of a distracted driver pre-occupied with his cell phone or an inattentive driver not paying attention to the road in front of him. However, the circumstances surrounding an auto accident is not always crystal-clear, making it difficult to apportion liability and determine who is responsible for resulting damages. Anyone who is involved in a motor vehicle crash should imminently contact an experienced personal injury who can assess the situation and protect rights.

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