Tragic bike case handled by Richard C. Broussard leads to groundbreaking discovery

A Louisiana resident was treating his son and a friend to a school break cycling trip in another state. A few minutes after renting a new high tech bike from a prominent shop, his healthy lifestyle suddenly ended in a tragic crash-he was paralyzed from the neck down forever. We took him in as our client in pursuit of justice.

In our investigation, the manufacturer said the front wheel had disengaged somehow because of our client’s fault even though the new bike had just been inspected by the dealer and he had only ridden a short distance. They couldn’t identify his fault but somehow they claimed our client caused the accident. They had tested the bike after the accident and said the accident could not have happened as our client described and nothing was wrong with the bike.

Through a court proceeding and independent experts retained by our team of counsel, we learned that the manufacturer had repeated the bike failure as our client had described multiple times in the presence of its own engineers. They then hid the evidence of the defect. The compatibility of various components of the wheel had never been tested. With no input from a rider the front wheel could suddenly seize catapulting the rider over the handlebar onto his helmet breaking his neck.

This ruthless disregard for public safety at the expense of all bike riders could only have been exposed through this family’s commitment to the truth. After notification of this discovery, the Consumer Products Safety Commission recalled more than one million of these defective bikes, likely preventing dozens of similar tragedies. Claims like this provide a measure of safety that protects all of us.

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