National Forklift Day: Case Highlight

Recently, we told you about how a lawsuit resulted in the recall of over one million bikes with a serious flaw that paralyzed our client. This made cyclists across the country safer. Now we look at how another client’s case revealed a critical workplace hazard.

A Louisiana resident was focused on his work near a large industrial forklift when suddenly the heavy steel fork dislodged striking his hard hat. He was instantly paralyzed for life.

The forklift manufacturer blamed the tragedy on the employer’s maintenance practices and said the design was safe. Through intensive investigation and discovery depositions we learned that there was an error in the specification of the fork. The dimensions of the fork specified in the manufacturer’s catalog allowed it to slip off  spontaneously.

Until our lawsuit and the discovery were conducted, the manufacturer and its thousands of customers were unaware of the hazard. Workers throughout the world became safer because our client and the jury which tried his claim held this manufacturer responsible.

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