Duck Commander, Inc. and State of La. Sued for Woman’s Death

Duck Commander Inc., the company behind Duck Dynasty, and the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development have been named defendants in a lawsuit filed by Jennifer Young, the mother of Madison Welch.

Filed in St. Martin Parish, the suit maintains that Madison Welch’s accident was not simple user error, but rather the result of an 18-wheeler operated “by agents, employees and/or licensees of Duck Commander Inc.” cutting into Welch’s lane and forcing her off the road.  This allegation evidently arises from a phone conversation Welch was engaged with at the time of the incident.  The friend who was on the other end reported that Welch exclaimed something about a nearby truck and then the line went silent.  Shortly after being told by the friend of what occurred, Welch’s family was notified of the accident. Welch’s Toyota Tacoma left the road and flipped, ejecting her.  Welch later succumbed to her injuries and died.

Young’s case additionally relies on the testimony of William Kirksey, who claimed to have witnessed the entire event and was one of the first people on the scene.  Kirksey stated that two 18-wheelers were exiting the freeway at the same time as Welch.  Both were in line, but at one point, one of them swerved into Welch’s lane, apparently causing her to veer off the road.

Kirksey’s testimony is  supported by surveillance video footage taken from the Pioneer Acadian Village Campground, which is directly across from where the accident took place.  The video shows two 18-wheelers drive pass the Campground just before the accident, although there is apparently no evidence to show that either truck is operated by Duck Commander individuals.  At the time of the initial investigation, officials stated that the video garnered very little evidence in relation to the accident.

While the suit claims negligence on the part of Duck Commander Inc., the LA DOTD has been named as a defendant for a number of reasons, including “failure to initially design, construct, repair, and/or to maintain the highway; failure to properly install and maintain adequate signs, warnings, or safety devices; and failure to construct and maintain a recovery zone for the highway.”

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