Suit: Defective Engine Caused Helicopter Crash

An Oklahoma woman has filed suit against Rolls-Royce over the death of her husband, alleging that the engine of the helicopter he was piloting was defective and caused the fatal crash.

Collen Ricks of Grady County, Oklahoma, along with her two minor children, sued the Rolls-Royce Corporation on March 30 in the United States Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana.  The complaint alleged that the defendant aircraft engine provider defectively designed and/or manufactured turbine systems that would develop cracks in the exhaust system.

According to the suit,  Brandon Ricks was piloting a Model 206 L-1 Bell Helicopter on a public use flight near Saucier, Mississippi pursuant to a contract with the U.S. Forest Service.  At some point during this flight, the helicopter suddenly lost power, causing the fatal crash in question.

The suit alleges that the defendant should have known that the cracks developed in the exhaust system were  difficult to detect by maintenance providers, and that such cracks could result in engine failure.  The suit further alleges failure to provide reasonable instructions and/or warnings to maintenance providers that worked on engines like the one in question.

Ricks seeks a trial by jury, compensation for all damages and legal costs, full amounts due to the minor children of Colleen and Brandon under Louisiana law, and any other equitable relief the court deems just.

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